Villa Vicini
Kids club

Price: 5 / Per Instance / Per Guest

The children can play on the terrace on the trampoline, slide, swing, seesaw, sandbox and children’s house. Mom and Dad can keep an eye on things from the terrace and enjoy our wines 🙂

Recreation room

Children can also have fun indoors in the recreation room. We have duplo, craft supplies, drawing or reading.


Our campsite has a large trampoline for children! This has proven itself many times as suitable for hours of fun. The trampoline is located on the covered terrace. There is a sign next to the trampoline with instructions for use, to prevent, for example, the maximum number of jumpers (3 children) from being exceeded.

Villa Vicini kids club

In the months of July and August there is a kids’ club every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, where various activities for children are organized for an hour.

The costs are €5 per participation, you register via the app in the activities calendar.


5 / Per Instance / Per Guest


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